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SBC_TAMARRA_0913Tamarra Kemsley graduated with a B.A. in multimedia journalism from Brigham Young University in 2012. Since then she has worked as a staff writer and editor for the New York City-based 33 Universal, and as a freelancer uncovering hard-hitting investigative stories. Her work has appeared on multiple public radio stations, as well as in the New York Post, BuzzFeed and the Huffington Post. In 2015, she received her Master’s in Islamic and Middle Eastern History from Hebrew University in Jerusalem.



Experience includes:

Freelance reporter for Contently/Summer 2014 – Current

Reporter for Nature World News/Spring 2013 – Summer 2014

Freelance producer for WNPR/Winter 2013

Marketing Manager for AppRaptors/Spring 2012 – Summer 2013

Freelance reporter for Healthy Utah Magazine/Spring 2012 – Fall 2012

Co-editor and founder of The Student Review, an independent news source for BYU students/2011 – 2012

Intern for KCPW/Winter 2012 – Spring 2012

Freelance reporter & staff writer for the Daily Universe/2007 & 2012



Languages:  Arabic (Palestinian and Egyptian), Spanish

Programs: InDesign, PhotoShop, Soundslides, Audacity, Garageband, Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools and Adobe Audio

Professional: Investigative reporting, feature writing, social media, podcasting, radio production, photography



tamarrakemsley [at] gmail [dot] com / @tamarranicole


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