Foundations Recovery Network

Want to suggest treatment to a loved one? Read this first


New York Post

Inside the $1 billion business of erotic massage parlors

For a more in-depth version of the article, click here.



Fleeing ISIS: The story of an Iraqi interpreter left behind (And why America should care)


The Freelancer

Double Standard: It’s time journalists treat social the same as traditional media


The Content Strategist

Good news for native: The New York Times’ sponsored content as popular as editorial

Researchers crack the code behind the most successful tweets 

The Ice Bucket Challenge: Why the haters have it wrong


Nature World News

Teens sue federal government for failing to come up with climate action plan

Evidence animals consciously monitor own behavior revealed

Neanderthals arranged homes much like modern humans, study suggests

Oldest hominin DNA ever sequenced challenges tale of human origins

Study of urban population and air pollution uncovers regional discrepancies

Ocean acidification poses threat to wide range of animal life, study shows



From Spain to the Bronx: A new weapon in the fight against income inequality


Common Ground News Service

Muslims and Mormons: Shared beliefs, shared struggles


Healthy Utah Magazine

Street medicine: how homeless healthcare is making its mark in Salt Lake City

Recovering from rape

Five worst countries for women


The Student Review 

A note from Newtown


The Daily Universe

Provo school district reports a drop in safety violations (pdf)

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